Tournament Events

775: 1775: Age of Rebellion LID: Liar's Dice
776: 1776 LWD: Lords of Waterdeep
8xx: 18xx LST: Lost Cities
7WS: 7 Wonders L_L: Love Letter
7WD: 7 Wonders Duel MBT: MBT
8VK: 878 Vikings MGW: Mage Wars Arena
WAW: A World at War MAN: Manoeuvre
AOA: Ace of Aces MMS: March Madness
ACQ: Acquire MED: Medici
ADV: Adel Verpflichtet M44: Memoir '44
ACV: Advanced Civilization MOV: Merchant of Venus
ASK: Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit MCK: Metacheckers
AFK: Afrika Korps MMA: Monsters Menace America
AOR: Age of Renaissance MMW: Mr. Madison's War
AGR: Agricola NVG: Navegador
ABN: Air Baron NFR: New Frontiers
ALH: Alhambra ORL: Orleans
AMR: Amun-Re PZB: Panzerblitz
ACS: Atlantic Storm POG: Paths of Glory
ATS: Attack Sub PDT: Paydirt
AUC: Auction PRC: Pirate's Cove
AUT: Automobile PGD: Power Grid
B-17: B-17 PGF: Pro Golf
BCY: Battle Cry PRO: Puerto Rico
BAT: Battle Line RA!: Ra!
BAR: Battles of the American Revolution RDG: Ra: The Dice Game
BEC: Beta Colony RFG: Race for the Galaxy
BWD: Bitter Woods ROW: Railways of the World
BBW: Blood Bowl ROR: Republic of Rome
BXC: Box Cars (formerly Rail Baron) RRY: Robo Rally
BRS: Brass RGD: Roll for the Galaxy
BKN: Breakout Normandy RRR: Russian Railroads
BRI: Britannia SAG: Sagrada
CNS: Can't Stop SPG: Saint Petersburg
CAR: Carcassonne SJN: San Juan
COB: Castles of Burgundy SFR: Santa Fe Rails
CMK: Castles of Mad King Ludwig SCY: Scythe
CTN: Catan SKG: Sekigahara
CFR: Championship Formula Racing SLS: Slapshot
CHL: Churchill SMW: Small World
CMS: Circus Maximus SBS: Space Base
CBC: Combat Commander SPC: Space Corp
CCA: Command & Colors: Ancients SPD: Splendor
CCN: Command & Colors: Napoleonics SQL: Squad Leader
CNC: Concordia SWM: Star Wars Miniatures
CQP: Conquest of Paradise QGB: Star Wars Queen's Gambit
DIP: Diplomacy SWR: Star Wars Rebellion
DOM: Dominion STA: Stone Age
DUN: Dune SSB: Superstar Baseball
DNK: Dunkirk: France 1940 T_M: Terra Mystica
EGZ: Egizia TFM: Terraforming Mars
ELG: El Grande TNW: The Napoleonic Wars
EPB: Empire Builder TRC: The Russian Campaign
EOS: Empire of the Sun AGE: Through the Ages
EIS: Enemy in Sight THA: Thunder Alley
E&T: Euphrat & Tigris T&T: Thurn & Taxis
EVL: Evolution TTR: Ticket to Ride
FI5: Facts in Five TIM: Tigers in the Mist
F_S: Falling Sky TCS: Time of Crisis
5TR: Five Tribes T_G: Tin Goose
FBS: Football Strategy TTN: Titan
FTP: For the People TT2: Titan 2-Player
FDE: Formula De TTA: Titan the Arena
FMR: Formula Motor Racing TAM: Transamerica
GAP: Gaia Project TAC: Transatlantic
GXT: Galaxy Trucker TWS: Twilight Struggle
GBG: Gettysburg UWC: Underwater Cities
GCA: Great Campaigns of the ACW UNP: Union Pacific
GWT: Great Western Trail UPF: Up Front
HRC: Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage VSD: Vegas Showdown
HIS: Here I Stand VIP: Victory in the Pacific
HWD: History of the World VGQ: Virgin Queen
HIR: Hitler's Reich VMP: Voyages of Marco Polo
ING: Ingenious WAS: War at Sea
IOV: Innovation WOR: War of the Ring
IVH: Ivanhoe WWR: Washington's War
KPR: Kaiser's Pirates WAT: Waterloo
KOT: King of Tokyo WBY: Wild Blue Yonder (Formerly DiF)
KRM: Kremlin WNW: Wilderness War
LBY: Labyrinth WPS: Win, Place, & Show
LAS: Las Vegas WSM: Wooden Ships & Iron Men
LLM: Leaping Lemmings